I currently play guitar and sing in 3 bands..and sometimes more. 

The band I call “my” band is named Jack's Garage

We play only songs that were written by people in the band. It is great fun for us to collaborate with others, and sing each others' songs. At this time, besides me, there is Jane Rundquist on piano and vocals, Roland Cardenas on drums, Mike Wimer on bass, Ken Case on harmonica, Janet Thiemmerman on vocals and harmonies, Pat Farmer on Lead Guitar, Pete Fredriksen on percussion and activism, and likely David Oberman on trumpet and harmonies. We only play 2-4 times a year when there is no pandemic, and less when there is. Because we only play original tunes, this band is special to me. 

If you would like to come hear us at our first appearance in over 18 months, please join us at the Carousel Lounge on June 26 from 7-9 pm. 


I also play in a band named Jane Rundquist and Too Blue. 

We play a wide selection of old rhythm and blues songs from the 40s to the 2000sies. We also throw in an occasional original tune. Jane is an amazing singer and piano player. Besides Jane, Roland Cardenas plays drums, Mike Wimer plays bass, and I play guitar. People often find themselves up and dancing when we play. 

If you would like to hear Too Blue, come join us at the Carousel Lounge June 12 from 7-9, or at Azul Tequila the 18. 


I also play in a band with my old friend Jim Nosler. 

Jim always has a musical surprise up his sleeve with everything from Tom Petty to Michael Jackson to Jerry Jeff Walker to originals. Jim and I have done a lot of jamming on the porch over the years, and I am always happy to join him at a gig.  Often Mike Wimer is there on bass too. 

If you would like to see Jim Nosler and All Summa Long ot the Volente Beach Boys, We'll be playing on August 7. 


Every other Friday (pre-pandemic) Austin Vibe would play on the back porch at Pacha on Burnet.  We hope to resume this tradition at some time.  That will be Riley Hickerson on harmonica, David Weeks on guitar and vocals, Janet Planet with her interstellar voice, and me.  We only play original tunes, without any amplification.