From the recording Watch Your Step

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Watch your Step

Knives that cut, bees that sting
Dogs that bite, pointy things
Fires that burn, Feet that trip
Laid low by a banana slip
Cars that crash, planes that fall
Watch your step, cause that ain't all

Its a mighty dangerous business
Living from day to day
When I see trouble coming
I try to get out of the way
Lately I ain't seen it till it hits me by surprise
There’s a world of worry right in front of my eyes

Ropes that snap, Ships that sink
Poison drops in your drink
Bombs that blast, Pianos that drop
Japanese Ninja karate chop
Rocks that smash, Bears that maul
Watch your step 'cause that ain't all


Floods that flash, venomous snakes
guns that shoot, nuclear mistakes
thieves that rob, assassins that kill
crushed by boulders rollin' down a hill
Cats that scratch, cannon balls
Watch your step 'cause that ain't all

You gotta watch your step,
watch your step, watch your step,
watch your step,
Don't expect me to list them all
just watch your step, and that is all