1. Amina

From the recording Watch Your Step



Amina, Queen of the sand
The life of the desert
is in your hands
Though the sands are now red
Wont you take me in
let me rest my head
The war is filled with so much illusion
Hard to know what were fighting for
All the blood and the death and confusion
I'm seeking shelter in your arms

Queen of the sandb How sad you must feel Gazing at your land
Faithful and kind I'm losing my grip Can you find my mind
The things I've seen have numbed my heart
The things Ive done have soiled my soul
I come to you hoping to find redemption
I come to you to make me whole

Has the hatred scarred you too, or are you free?
Do you have enough innocence left to save me ?
To save me
To save me

Queen of the sand My very salvation Is in your hands
Please take me in We'll be together In the howling wind
Let's disappear out of the desert tonight
What they cant find, they cant fight
And together we'll wait for the day
This storm too shall pass away

Queen of the sands
My very salvationIs in your hands