1. Let's See

From the recording Jack's Garage


Let’s See
Said the pebble to the sand
Sometimes size depends on where you stand
Said the river to the brook
Join me and we’ll both go have a look
Said the forest to the tree
I hope that she sees you instead of me
Said the ocean to the sky
I know you're blue, baby so am I

Said the mountain to the cave
Some things are quite difficult to save
Said the glacier to the stone
Some things take so long before they’re known
Said the lightning to the rain
I feel like I’m about to go insane
Said the puddle to the sun
I’ll be something else when you are done

Said the island to the sea
I feel just as alone as I can be
Said the flowers to the dew
Where once was one there now are quite a few
Said the iceberg to the shore
You think you see me but trust me there’s more
I asked creation, Are you through? (she said)
Just relax let’s see what love can do