1. Lily

From the recording Jack's Garage



I was sittin on the deck when the rain began to fall
And it felt so fine
I had a long list, and a lotta things to do
But I changed my mind
So I drained my cup and bowl and I sat down
And started to sing this song
Cant sing it wrong
Won’t sing it long

Lilly is my girl
There’s magic in her name
Call her something else
I’d likely feel the same
Glowing with the light
Of knowing she’s alright
I’m showing how I feel
She’s a real good deal
For sho

She’s far far away, but I have to say that
I’m not in a sack
I was falling for her then she had to go away,
But she’s coming back
So I spend my time spinnin rhyme
And playin this guitar
It gets me far
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