1. roll on

From the recording World of Dreams

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Roll on

The smell of salt hangs in the air
Wet wind blowing through my hair
All that’s iron turns to rust
And into dust
As does this all

The thunder rolls across the sea
Like a wild symphony
And the moon pulls on the tide
The waves, they rock and slide
roll on

Roll on

O’er Poseidon’s depthless deep
On a night without no sleep
Better keep your legs about you
Don’t get blown away

Cargo broke free of its chains
In the lightning and the rain
Either tie it down or drown

Roll On
Roll On

Skies they finally start to clear
Pass that bottle over here
Things are finally settling down
Settling down
Its ok

At the dawning of the day
Cracked a golden red sun ray
With a promise of smooth sailing
We roll on
Roll on
roll on
Roll on